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Designing Your Dream Home

To many, the thought of designing a custom home is a bit intimidating. The reality is that making the move to build your dream home has come after years of dreaming about how that home should look and feel. Countless hours have been spent reading magazines, clipping pictures, saving favorite photos on Houzz and Pinterest. Just when you thought you found the perfect floorplan the next issue of Log Home Living comes out and low and behold a new favorite plan is featured as floorplan of the month.

The greatest skill any builder can have during the design phase is the ability to listen. We are custom builders, and as such each home we build is unlike any other we have built before. I learned long ago that what I like matters very little when it comes to designing a home. Each home I build is as unique as the homeowners. I have learned to offer opinions when asked. I have heard some pretty odd requests over the years, and exercising extreme caution to avoid putting my foot in my mouth has served me very well.

The first time I meet with a client I like to do very little talking. I love this part of the process as people are so excited they have a difficult time containing themselves. Let them talk. They have fostered this dream for years, and they finally have have the opportunity to let it all out.

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