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Custom home design


From a sketch on a napkin to a photo you found on the web, the process of turning what inspires you into plans for your dream home is very exciting.  The beauty of designing and building a custom home is the endless opportunity to create a home perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle.  There is no need to accept a stock floor plan as is, so explore your options with us and let's make your dream reality.

Beginning with a model home plan, or plans, can be a great place to start, but don't stop there.  Spend the time to take a good look at any plan from the perspective of how the flow will work with the way you intend to use the home.  Does your property have a natural topography that will lend itself to a walk-out lower level?  Do you want a main floor master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom?  Is there a view of a lake that you would like to capture from as many rooms as possible?  These are just some of the many questions to ask yourself as you begin the process of formalizing your vision. Our role in the process is to ask the questions and share what we have learned from our experience so that you can effectively explore your limitless options.

This is where your imagination can really flourish.  Of course, this imagining is made even more realistic with the help of 3-dimensional design.  The use of 3D walk-throughs and images is critical when designing a custom home.  If you are like most people, visualizing how a home will look, feel and flow from a two-dimensional drawing is difficult, if not impossible. Technology allows you to accurately feel how your space will look, and be able to see changes as you request them.

It is very important to not rush through the design process.  Keep the pace of the design phase at a comfortable speed, making certain to give thoughtful consideration to things such as overall design aesthetic, room sizes, ceiling heights and general flow.  Regardless of whether or not you have built before, you have lived in one or more homes and have an idea of what works and what does not.  You want to make certain the end result is everything you imagined and more.  The worst thing a builder can hear at the end of a project is that you wish you would have done something different.  

The level of customization is always up to you when you build with True North.  We understand and embrace the process of evolving a custom home or cottage from that napkin, photo or stock plan, and our fees include as many changes and alterations as necessary to get everything just right.  Designing a home should be fun and exciting, and we strive to keep the process enjoyable, engaging and completely flexible.

Our goal is to find a way to incorporate all that inspires you into the design, and we will provide feedback along the way to make sure you are making smart choices.  As part of the process we will discuss and take into consideration things such as your land, personal and family needs, budget, material choices and zoning regulations.

We are a full-service a design/build firm.  As such, it is our goal with every project to not only do the design, but also complete the construction.  Everyone's situation is unique, and for whatever the reason we may not always be the best fit to build your home.  In those rare instances, we are happy to provide a design as a stand-alone service.  Contact us today and we will discuss your project and explore how we can help bring your dreams to reality.  

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